Monday, 24 May 2010

Long Time, no blog!

FINALLY I get to blog again! Yey!

Hello everyone! The Tobster is back! Updates coming to you soon pupsters!


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Margam Show

One of my favourite places in the world for walkies is Margam country park - it' about ten minutes drive from our house, though me and mum walk there sometimes when she's got lots of time. Mum says it's 850 acres...(I think that means it's REALLY big) and they have a herd of deer that I'm not allowed to chase (spoil sports...). It's really beautiful....

Anyway, I'll tell you all about the park another time. Last weekened was the Margam dog show - yey! Me, mum, Poppy and mum two went on Saturday to see the Open Dog show because mum likes to see the dog's showing and she said it would be good for socialising Poppy and good for me because I've got, what my dog class trainer calls 'a dog fixation' - if I see a dog I just can't leave it alone...I can't help myself!

So, when we got to the park we had to walk up the big hill to the big house where the family who used to own the park lived, once upon a time!

Me and mum like to run up the hill, or at least walk pretty fast but mum two and Poppy we SOOO slow! I kept on stopping on the way up to look for Poppy and tell her to hurry up!

When we got to the top I could see loads of tents, people and other dogs and I couldn't wait to go and have a proper look!

Mum didn't get many photos on Saturday because we were so so busy talking to other hooman and dogs. I got a bit over exicted because there were so many doggies to make friends with. I met four Newfoundlands, three like Pooka and one like Nanook - I realy like them and Mum loves Newfs. I also saw something else...I've never seen anything like it! There were two of them...I don't know if they were dogs...they were soooo HUGE! Mum has never seen me back away from a dog in shock before but I did...I felt a bit silly afterwards and went to make friends with one of them. He was nice, but his face was really hairy - like a big grey rug!

(Mum: *ahem* They were Irish Wolfhounds. I've never seen Toby looked so shocked in my life - it was priceless! He decided they were alright after a bit of persuasion!)

We didn't stay a long time because it was SOOOO hot and mum was worried about me getting overheated. I was really glad to get home to my paddling pool I have a new, bigger, upgraded model!! Woo hoo!

So, on Sunday we went back again but this time it was just the two mums and me - I was a happy pup because I don't like having Poppy tagging along everywhere - she cramps my style! Mum was really excited about going on Sunday because the Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group were there doing displays in the big lake. I think that mum really wants a Newf - she spent ages with the other doggies (that was fun - I got to say hello to them all!) and her and mum two spoke to one of the hoomans about their club. We've been invited to go and watch them working the dogs at practice which should be fun! Who knows, in a few years time there may be another new addition to our pack!

I was really impressed by the Newfie dogs - they are really good swimmers! I love swimming but I don't think I could ever go jumping out of a moving boat and actually rescue a hooman like was so amazing!

There was a little pup the same colour as Nanook who was only 20 weeks old and it was his first ever time in the water and he just took to it straight away. When I was that age I was terrified of water! Mum tried to get a few shots of him but it was tricky because there were so many people watching and making a fuss of him!

After watching the swimming for a while we went over to the big show ring and found a place to sit ready to watch a heel work to music display and a really cool bunch of horses with craaazy riders who were doing handstands and stuff on their horses backs while they were galloping! Some of these hooomans are mental!! I just chilled out by the ringside and modelled my new Dogstrust bandana which mum two bought for me.

She bought one for Poppy too...

But that meant, when we went out together that night we both had to wear our matching bandanas...the horror! Having to wear the SAME get up as my baby sister! Humph! But mum said I have to wear it because it's so bright she can see me properly if I go too far ahead in the woods (not that I ever do, 'cause I'm a good boy! *halo appears above my angelic head*).

Catch ya later pupsters!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Return from the wilderness!

Hello everyone! What can I say? I'm a very bad pup...I haven't blogged for such a long time but first mum had exams, then I broke her computer by sitting on it, then I got a new sister...and well, you know! But I promise regular updates now that things are settling down into a regular routine.

First things first - I must send huge hugs and condolences to the parent's of my wonderful Airedale friend - Oscar. Me and mum were so sorry to hear the news, we're still in shock. I'm sure that Oscar is busy frolicking up at Rainbow Bridge - maybe he's met my big brother Tramp. I'm sure they'd get on famously. A true gent - Oscar, gone, but never forgotten.

So, where do a I start? Well, I suppose, with me! I am now Fourteen months old! Wow! I am 25 inches to the shoulder, (mum calls me 'humunga-lab') and I weigh in at a perfect 34kg. Phew!

I've been a very busy boy this summer - out of the house from dawn till dusk when I can manage it...well, when mum's got time at any rate! hee hee! But I know what you are all waiting to hear about - my new sister....

Everyone say hello to Riganna Bella Papavaro - aka Poppy. She may look cute, but boy oh boy is she a witch!! She just won't leave me alone! I mean it's nice to have someone to play with....

And someone to curl up with for a nap...

But when she's trying to steal my chewie (Mum's note: What about when you steal her's huh?!), or chasing after me and biting my tail, or chewing on my lips, or searching my jowls for bits of stray biscuit she can get a bit trying! Mum says it's my own fault - she says I'm too soft because I won't tell her off at all, I just let her walk all over me...


But it's just because I love her so much! I love having the company of another dog, even though I have to be really careful when I'm playing with her because she is still so small. She's almost five months old now...the time is just flying by! Mum says I have to be careful not to get too attached to her because she is mum number two's dog and one day me and mum will be leaving mum two's house for a house of our own so I don't share a bed with Poppy, or stay with her in the house when we're left but I don't mind 'cause we still get to go for some walks together:

But I do like to have my mum to myself sometimes, you know....

And it's nice for us to get out and about for really long walks together without the puglet slowing us down! heh heh!

It's so great being one! Now that I'm growing up properly it means that I can have more and more exercise instead of being restricted like I was when I was really little...but mum says I've still got a lot of growing up to do. She calls me a 'Kevin' because I'm really stubborn sometimes like a human teenager and I'm still really unpredicatable - I'll be walking along off the lead at heel like an angel one mintue and off the other side of the field thrity seconds later...but all those smells and sights are soooo tempting! You know how it is....hee hee! I'm such a naughty boy...some of the time. (Mum: *cough*most of the time*cough*)

Well...that's about it for now! I've got loads of exciting adventures to tell you about so I'll be updating a few times in the next week.

Mum is taking me to a show tomorrow - just to watch, but it should be fun! There are going to by Newfoundland's swimming in my favourite lake - it'll be fn to watch them but I know I am sooo going to want to join in! Oh well, speak to you all soon!


Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Due to Popular demand!!!

Due to popular demand I bring you a short Pug pup update! Heh heh! The pups will be two weeks old this week...doesn't time fly?! Mum is still waiting for some new pics from the puggy lady because her camera broke and she had to get a new one - th horror!!!!!!!

I do have a photo of mummy Lilly with the pups, though they are only a day old in this picture. Aren't they sweet?

I still don't know if I'm getting a brother or sister...I wish the mum's would hurry up and decide!!! There is a debate going on at the moment because if we have a boy mum gets the pick of the three boys, but if we have a girl we just have to have whichever one the puggy lady doesn't choose to keep. Tough choice!!!

As for names (Suki!!!!), a boy will be Percy and a girl will be Poppy.

Mum is very excited...I am too but I hope the new pug doesn't taunt me like Sunshade's little brother!!!!! I'll let you guys know when I have anymore puggy news.


Monday, 23 April 2007

I love my granny!

I love Granny! If mum says 'let's go see Gran' I get all waggy and do the labrador bum waggle! Gran is my mum's gran, but I call her gran too. She is loads of fun considering she is an old hooman!

When me and mum come back from the park most mornings we go to see Gran because her house is on our route home. When we get there I make a big fuss of her and then she gives me a biscuit!!! A HOOOMAN BISCUT! Woooo! But first she makes me sit nicely while she finds a nice biccie for me!

Then she makes me sit AGAIN while she breaks it up and I have to do something like give paw before I get any! Aye aye aye these hoomans make us work hard!

Then....BISCUIT!!!! Woooooo!!! I Love you granny!!!

If I'm really good Gran will play fetch with me in the garden. she isn't as quick and exciting as mum but I know she is old and I think she enjoys playing with me. Granny loves dogs but she doesn't think she can look after one on her own anymore because she has really bad abnimus....or something strange like that! (Mum - athritis).

Isn't my Granny great? I LOVE YOU GRAN!!!


Monday, 16 April 2007


Sorry I've not been blogging much guys - it's that horrible time of year when mum has to do MORE exams at university! I think they're working her far too hard personally! I've been having a great time in this lovely weather though - as I'm sure all my British blogging pals have!

A very important announcement first - The PUG PUPS ARE BORN! Yey! Lovely Lilly gave birth to three boys and two girls on 12th April. Mum almost cried when she heard the news because 12th of April was Tramps birthday! It must be a sign! I think that I'm going to be having a sister...I'll keep you updated!

Soo.....what have I been up to! I've been spending most of my days hanging around the beach and the park.

Playing fetch....

Enjoying splashing in the sea....

Playing catch....

And also chilling out!

Because it is getting hot now mum bought me a paddling pool - yey! I just love the water sooo much! I was so so excited when she put it up that i punctured the top ring...oops! mum says she'll fix it though, and I've got a bigger pool which may go out in the garden later in the summer if i'm lucky!

On Wednesday I went to a Get Together with my labrador friends from the Labrador Forums. There were just a few of us - the big GT isn't until August...that is going to be MINDBLOWING! Hee hee!

When we got there I was very excited, especially when I saw all the other labbies. Their hoomans were all very nice too but I was more interesting in my doggie friends! Here are some photos of our fantastic day!

This handsome chappie is Harry - he loved that stick! No-one was having it!

He wasn't very interesting in playing with anyone...he just wanted his hooman to throw his stick, but he was still nice. I stopped Wez, one of the other doggies, from taking his stick because I knew he like it so much!

There's Eddie and Gracie - they are Lab crosses.

I don't think Gracie liked me too much but Eddie let me sniff him a bit!

This lovely gent is called Pudsey - he is being looked after by one of the nice hoomans.

He has VERY bad hip dysplasia so mum told me to be gentle with him. I licked him all over his face - I think he liked it. Considering he has such baddy hips he ran around a lot and seemed to have a lot of fun. Everyone loves Puds!

The little guy here is Finlay the Flat Coated Retriever pup

He is just twelve weeks old and, I have to say, very cute! All the lady hoomans wanted to cuddle him...hee hee!

The two doggies I got along best with were Wez and Toby (yep another Toby!!!). Toby is a black lab pup who is almost four months younger than me but he wanted to play, play, play and I wasn't complaining!

I had a great time with him! He gave me a run for my money for the title of tinker though...he ran off and stole a little boys sausage roll from his family's picnic! Oops! Even I wouldn't go that far.....hee hee!

I thought Wez was fantastic! He is a rescue lab (possibly a cross) and he is only just a little bit older than me so we ran around chewing each others faces as teenage labs like to do! We are well and truly mates now!

As I'm sure you can see, we all had a fab time! I think the hoomans did too - I can't wait for the next GT!

Sorry for the picture overload but I like showing off my friends! I'll write again when I can - we'll have to see what happens with mum and her silly exams...meh!


Friday, 6 April 2007

New picture of Lilly Pug!

Here's a new picture of the mummy of the Puggy babies! They're still all in her tummy so she's getting big and fat now! Aww! The Puggy lady says she is like a rugby ball! Bless her!